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Ooooh, Phone Deals….

For the Bargain Hunter in Us All…



With Beezid, you buy packs of bids, and use them to bid on drastically reduced prices on great stuff!

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Mac on the Blink? There’s a Medic for That…

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Really excited about this new partner we have on board here. PowerbookMedic can fix your Apple Products. Need parts for that iBook? Busted screen on your iPod? iPhone get wet? They can take care of you. You can order parts, or send it in for a repair.

They even buy used or damaged devices–Apple products and other things as well, including eReaders, game systems, and even non Apple Phones. If your tech stuff doesn’t work, try them out first–you just might save some money AND avoid having to learn a new device!

Deals Coming Soon

This is a placeholder page, so I can put daily deals up when the time is right.