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Water Filters

Now one site makes it easy to keep your family’s water fresh, clean, and safe. I always hated going to the store to find the only filter they carried for my water purifier…and paying out the nose for it. This site takes the hassle out of getting new filters–and they’ll save you money doing it.

Find top-brand water filtration systems and replacement cartridges and get Free Shipping on orders over $99.

eFoods Direct!

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Important thing to think about here. With the economy in bad shape, wars raging around the world, overall costs going up by the day, and natural disasters seemingly a weekly¬†occurrence¬†somewhere in the world…it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. This company promises nutritionally balanced meals with a guaranteed shelf life of 25 years or more! Soups, pastas, rice dishes, chili, potatoes….even dry milk, fruit drinks, breakfasts, and desserts! Everything from a one week supply of food to a one year family size supply…plus emergency and grab and go kits as well. Be prepared and stock up!

Disasters Can Happen